Here's a list of the acronyms I met over time. Most of them are related to databases and a few to (database) programming.

ACIDatomicity, consistency, isolation, durability
ACSAccess Control Service
ADCAdvanced Data Connector
ADOMDActiveX Data Objects MultiDimensional
ADOXActiveX Data Objects Extensions
ADPAccess Database Project
ASSLAnalysis Services Scripting Language
AWEAddress Windowing Extensions
BCLBase Class Library
BCPBulk copy program
BIDS Business Intelligence Development Studio
BLOBBinary Large Object
BOLBooks Online
CALClient Access Lincense
CCMConcurrency Control Mechanism
CDCChange Data Capture
CDH Customer Data Hub
CDONTSCollaboration Data Objects for Windows NT Server
CLOBCharacter Large Object
CLR Common Language Runtime
CLSCommon Language Specification
CLSIDCOM Class Identifier
CMF Customer Master File
COMComponent Object Model
COM+Component Object Model Hosting Services
CRMCustomer Relationship Management
CTECommon Table Expression
CTFCapture, Transform, Flow
CTPCommunity Technology Preview
CTSCommon Type System
CUCumulative Update
DAPData Access Page
DBCCDatabase Consistency Check
DBCLOBDouble-Byt Character Large Object
DBFDatabase File
DBODatabase Owner
DCData Collector
DCDDatabase Connector Descriptor
DCLData Control Language.
DCOMDistributed Component Object Model
DCSData Collector Set
DDData Definition
DDEDynamic Data Exchange
DDL Data Definition Language
DHCPDynamic Host Configuration Protocol
DMData Mining
DMFData Management Functions
DMF Dynamic Management Functions
DML Data Manipulation Language
DMODistributed Management Object
DMRDimensionally Modeled Relational Database
DMVDynamic Management View
DMXData Mining Extensions
DOPDegree of Parallelism
DPVDistributed Partitioned View
DQData Quality
DQAData Quality Assessment
DQFData Quality Framework
DQLData Query Language
DQPDistributed Query Processor
DRDADistributed Relational Database Architecture
DRIDeclarative Relational Integrity
DSN Database Source Name
DSOData Source Object
DTCDistributed Transaction Coordinator
DTDDocument Type Definition
DTSData Transformation Services
DWData Warehouse
DWCData Warehouse Catalog
DWHData Warehouse
EDBEmbded Database
EFSEncrypting File System
EKMExtensible Key Management
EQDEnglish Query Domain
EREntity Relation
ERD Entity Relationship Diagram
ERPEnterprise Resource Planning
ESEExtensible Storage Engine
ETMLExtract, Transfer, Move, Load
FATFile Allocation Table
FCLFramework Class Library
FDBMSFederated Database Management System
FKForeign Key
FTSFull Text Search
GACGlobal Assembly Cache
GAMGlobal Allocation Map
GCGarbage Collection/Collector
GPOGroup Policy Object
GUIDGlobal Unique Identifier
IAMIndex Allocation Map
IDBMSIntegrated Database Management System
IDCInternet Database Connector
IDLInterface Definition Language
IEInversion Entry
IIS Internet Information Services
IM Information Management
IMDBIn-Memory Database
IMFItem Master File
iODBCIdenpendent ODBC
IUInfrastructure Update
JETJoint Engine Technology
JROJet and Replication Objects
kbKnowledge Base
KPIKey Performance Indicator
LDF Log Data File
LINQlanguage integrated query
LOBLarge Object
LPLLogical Page List
LRSNLog Record Sequence Number
LRULeast Recently Used
LSALocal Security Authority
LSN Log Sequence Number
LTMLightweight Transaction Manager
LUNLogical Unit Number
MAXDOPMaximum Degree of Parallelism
MDBMSMultidimensional Database Management System
MDF Master Data File
MDMMaster Data Management
MDS Meta Data Services
MDWManagement Data Warehouse
MDXMultiDimensional eXpression
MSDMicrosoft Script Debugger
MSDEMicrosoft SQL Server Data Engine
MSDN Microsoft Developer Network
MSDTCMicrosoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator
MSILMicrosoft Intermediate Language
MSMQMicrosoft Message Queuing
MSSMS Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
MSXMLMicrosoft XML Core Services
MTSMicrosoft Transaction Server
MVPMost Valuable Professional
NTFSNT File System
NTLMNT LAN Manager Protocol
NUMANon-uniform Memory Access.
OCIOracle Call Interface
OCPOracle Certified Professional
ODBC Open Database Connectivity
OLAP Online Analytic Processing
OLEDB Object Linking and Embedding Database
OLTPonline transaction processing
OODBObject-Oriented Database
ORDBMSObject Relational Database Management System
OSPOLEDB Simple Provider
PAEPhysical Address Extensions
PALPublication Access List
PDCPrimary Domain Controller
PDSPhysical Design Structure
PDSPartitioned DataSet
PDWPerformance Data Warehouse
PFSPage Free Space
PKPrimary Key
PSEPersistent Storage Engine
RAIDRedundant Array of Inexpensive Disks
RADRapid Application Development
RBAC Role Based Access Control
RCSIRead Committed Snapshot Isolation
RDBRelational Database
RDBMrelational database management systems
RDP Remote Desktop Protocol
RIReferential Integrity
RMLReplay Markup Language
RTU Remote Terminal Unit
SDESpatial Database Engine
SGAMShared Global Allocation Map
SLAService Level Agreement
SMBServer Message Block
SMFSemantic Modelling Format
SMOSQL Server Management Objects
SOAPSimple Object Access Protocol
SOESystem of Entry
SORSystem of Record
SPStored Procedure
SPIDServer Process ID
SQL Structured Query Language
SQLDMOSQL Server Distributed Management Objects
SQLOSSQL (Server) Operating System
SSAS SQL Server Analysis Services
SSBSQL Server Service Broker
SSIS SQL Server Integration Services
SSLSecure Socket Layer
SSMASQL Server Migration Assistant
SSMS SQL Server Management Studio
SSRS SQL Server Reporting Services
TCLTransactional Control Language
TDETransparent Data Encryption
TDSTabular DataStream
TLBType Library
T-SQL Transact SQL
TVFTabled-Valued Function
UDAUser-Defined Aggregate
UDAUniversal Data Access
UDBCUniversal Database Connectivity
UDFUser Defined Function
VASVirtual Address Space
VBAVisual Basic for Applications
VDBVirtual Database
VDIVirtual Backup Device Interface
VFPVisual FoxPro
VIDVisual Interdev
VLFVirtual Log Files
VSSVolume Shadow Copy Service
VSTFVisual Studio Team Foundation
WCFWindows Communication Framework
WMIWindows Management Instrumentation
WOW64Windows on Windows 64
WPFWindows Presentation Framework
WQLWMI Query Language
WSEWeb Services Enhancements
WSHWindows Script Host
WSSWeb Storage System
XPeXtended (Stored) Procedure
ZBRZoned-Bit Recording
UMSUser Mode Scheduler
NCQPhysical Address Extensions
MPIOMicrosoft Multipath IO
IPSecInternet Protocol Security
ECCError Correcting Code
DSSDecision Support System
DEKDatabase Encryption Key
BCPDecision Support System
DRDisaster Recovery
BCMBulk Changed Map
HBAHost Bus Adapter
ITVInline Table-Valued function
XEExtended Events
VLDBVery Large Databases
UUIDUniversal Unique Identifier
VIAVisual Interface Adapter
SMPSimetric Multiprocessing
DCMDifferential Change Map
LFULeast Frequently Used
CSNCommon Sequence Number
CDColumn Descriptor
UTCCoordinated Universal Time
RTORecovery Time Objective
RPORecovery Point Objective
HSMHardware Security Modules
GMTGreenwich Mean Time
VSTAVisual Studio Tools for Applications
XMLAXML for Analysis
DSVData Source Views
UDMUnified Dimension Model
ROLAPRelational OLAP
PMMLPredictive Model Markup Language
AMOAnalysis Management Objects
KDDKnowledge Discovery in Databases
DSODecision Support Objects
ARIMAAutoregressive Integrated Moving Averages
ASSLAnalysis Services Scripting Language
DMFDeclarative Management Framework
BPABest Practices Analyzer
CSVComma Separated Values
DTADatabase Tuning Advisor
XSLTExtensible Stylesheet Language Transformations
ISOInternational Organization for Standardization
RDFResource Description Framework
RESTRepresentational State Transfer
RSSReally Simple Syndication
TCPTransfer Control Protocol
URIUniversal Resource Identifier
XSDXML Schema Definition
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